Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Daredevil Marketing 1

T-Mobile announced that there would be a spectacular free show during the lunch hour today, involving 100 skydivers in San Francisco at four different locations, including Justin Herman Plaza at the Embarcadero Center.

There was a whole phalanx of security guys holding satin ribbons to keep the Financial District gawkers from the plaza itself where some of the skydivers were supposedly landing.

There were also a number of San Francisco policemen present, but they seemed to be among the gawkers rather than the enforcers.

The big event was supposed to take place at 12:15 but the skydivers were late so they sent out a few skateboarders and a famous BMX bicycle champ, which didn't much impress the Financial District lunch crowd who quickly grew impatient.

Matters weren't helped by a hilariously bad announcer who kept telling us facts about the Golden Gate Bridge and other tourist spots while misusing the word "historical" any number of times, which had the crowd quietly jeering him.

Finally, on the big jumbo screen next to the announcer we saw skydivers landing on the Marina Green, the top of a Pier 39 garage, and Moscone field, but nothing in Justin Herman Plaza.

Then we finally saw the plane trail above the Embarcadero 4 building. The show was about to begin.

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