Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Otherworldly Sculpture of Martin Puryear

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is hosting a traveling exhibition of sculpture by Martin Puryear on its top floor that is wonderful.

If you just happen to be passing by the building at 3rd and Mission and don't have any money, do check out the two works in the lobby for free, including the fabulous 37-foot ladder spiraling to nowhere.

The "New Yorker" art critic, Peter Schjeldahl, wrote an appreciation of the same show and artist when it was at the New York Museum of Modern Art last year (click here for a link).

In connection with the ladder in the MOMA lobby, Schjeldahl wrote "For once, that wasteful space comes in handy," which is just as true in the vast San Francisco MOMA lobby that also houses a piece with a wooden handle...

...that soars to the top of the building.

Nancy Ewart has a nice post up about the entire show with more photos of the work and quotes from the art critic Robert Hughes (click here). My favorite observation is: "As one who loves science fiction and the creation of imaginary worlds, I couldn’t help but think that some of these beautiful objects could have come from alien Amish-farmer folk from one of the 28 new planets discovered outside our solar system."


whabbear said...

Just for the record: The number of confirmed exoplanets has now surpassed 300!

Civic Center said...

Dear Rob: Thank you for the exoplanet update.