Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Contemptuous Motorcade

A group of San Francisco Police Department motorcycle cops jumped off their vehicles at Market and Third Streets at 2:15 this afternoon for a northbound motorcade for some VIP.

The fast-moving parade consisted of about a dozen other motorcycle policemen and a half dozen police cruisers...

...which preceded three silver SUVs that presumably were transporting an unknown important person to an unknown important place.

Fifteen minutes later and five blocks away, next to the Main Branch of the public library, the same damned motorcade was making its way down Larkin Street to cross south across Market Street again.

The most annoying feature of this exercise was the complete contempt the police displayed for the citizens they were supposedly entrusted with protecting, particularly the policeman in the photo above. "Get on the sidewalk! Now!" he repeatedly shouted angrily at everyone.

Since the San Francisco Police Department doesn't seem to care about solving regular crimes against San Francisco citizens, the motorcade just reinforced what I've long suspected.

Their only real mission is to protect the top 1% of the population from the other 99%.


zoo said...

its the spirit of the beehive in action! someones farts at the newson office and all of that happens on our streets!

Your driver said...

But, that's the whole function of government, isn't it?
Except for buses of course.

Civic Center said...

Dear Jon: I'm cynical about government, but not quite to that extent.

Dear Pedro: Let's go hear Sarah Cahill at Mills College on Monday evening. Give me a ring. I'm still in the phone book.

Your driver said...

Mike, I'm not to be taken altogether seriously. By the way, I'm late saying this, but I found your Veterans Day post charming. I sent it around to all of my internet pals.

sfwillie said...

Dear Mike,

You should be pissed off!

Contempt for traffic safety, let alone traffic laws, is rampant in SF, mostly due to lack of enforcement.

The motorcylcle officers who should be monitoring traffic and ticketing the most dangerous drivers, are instead escorting motorcades for super duper important people.

janinsanfran said...

I've seen Nancy Pelosi emerge from SUVs that look like that...

Nancy Ewart said...

Maybe they were escorting Bill O'Reilly when he went to visit the dangerous Presidio and made his now infamous (ridiculous) speech on Faux news? If it was Old Bill, he does need protection but then, that's true of most politicians. Most of us would like to drag them from their fancy automobiles and hang them from the nearest lamp post. Or applaud those who do.

zoo said...

hihhihih , man you're attracting quite a crowd...sf mike boy, i'm a( busy) working dad , can't make it to the the Mills show, are you gonna be around this weekend? we're thinking about going to SF, might stop and say hi, maybe we could get a bit to eat and catch up?

Matthew Hubbard said...

Things are about to get tougher for the lower 99%, but I expect most of them to start gnawing on the legs of the people just barely higher up the ladder than themselves, leaving the top 1% alone for the most part.

There are a lot easier targets than the ones who get police escorts.


The Police ARE there to protect and serve,
but whom?

RheTORical question, we all know..... 'whom'.

Stay on groovin' safari,

libhom said...

Police motorcades certainly are an obnoxious pandering to power and privilege.