Sunday, December 16, 2007

Oh, Lady, Lady, It's a Landslide and a Flood

Apologies for the sparse postings lately, my dearest readers. I've been working my teats off for the last couple of weeks for a couple of clients, and even videotaped 42nd Street Moon's "Oh, Lady! Lady!!" production at the Eureka Theatre on Saturday night (see simple set above). It's an extraordinarily sophisticated musical from 1918, a collaboration between the great British writers P.G. Wodehouse and Guy Bolton with music from a young Jerome Kern.

Just as interesting to somebody suffering from a severe cold were two trashy made-for-TV movies about natural disasters on Saturday and Sunday night. First was "Landslide," about evil condo developers who blow up a bit too much of Diamondback Mountain during Phase Two of their project, bringing the mountain down over most of the characters' heads. It was so sincerely cheesy that it's an instant classic. Now we're watching the four-hour British "Flood," where London faces a storm surge, with Robert Carlyle and Tom Courtenay as two of the drowning rats.

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