Thursday, December 13, 2007

Civic Center Xmas 1: Two Trees

My friend Ellen Toomey just had a birthday where she didn't do much to celebrate, but added, "At my age, it only makes sense to have a party and make a big deal of it every three or four years. I feel the same way about Christmas, by the way. Every year is too damned much."

Feeling the same way, I haven't quite decided yet if this is one of those years to ignore or celebrate the season, but thanks to the City and County of San Francisco at least there's a large "holiday" tree to cheer up the vagrants sleeping nearby.

Next to the children's playground on Civic Center Plaza, somebody has put something called the Childrens' Community Tree...

...along with decorations made by children that anybody can hang on the thing.

It's completely charming.

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zoo said...

dear michael,
just enjoy the time with your friends and loved ones, xmas is a reason as good as any.
Myself and my ladies, we're going to freeze our delicate butts in Paris/Lisbon.
Happy 2008!