Saturday, November 03, 2007

Drunken Youth Bush Needs Friendly Help

At least two of the four bus shelters on the corners of Van Ness and McAllister Streets were featuring some very weird signage on Saturday. There was the official "public interest" glossy photo of a cute tyke with the instructions to "start talking before they start drinking" because these innocent children could actually be roaring drunk.

As odd and discordant as that particular ad campaign might be, the bizarreness was simply heightened by two sheets of 8-1/2x11 white paper with a paranoid, though not necessarily untrue, message on one page
and a strangely poignant request on the other.

They were both pasted to the sidewalk.


sfwillie said...

In the JFK literature there is a memo by J. Edgar Hoover, written in the days after the assasination, about a communication from "George Bush"[the elder] of Texas, which indicated he was on the payroll.

The FBI dug up some employee named Bush in South Carolina, but that was an obvious lie.

GHW Bush has been a US intelligence asset probably all his adult life. There is no cause to rule him out as one of the JFK conspirators.

cubbie said...

those bush fliers are in the mission, too.

um... also... i gave one of your photos to rupert murdoch. i mean, the one you took of me at the vigil is my myspace photo now. i probably should have asked first. but i like it so much. i hope it's not a problem, but let me know if you want it to go away.

Civic Center said...

Dear cubbie: You are free to use any picture I've taken of you for any purpose whatsoever. Cheers.