Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cheney First

Readers of this blog know that I'm a serious peacenik politically, but paradoxically I also support the retention of the Junior ROTC in San Francisco's public schools.

The previous edition of the San Francisco School Board, with the unctuous Dan Kelly in charge (thank you, San Francisco voters, for getting rid of him), decided to abolish the program for the twin sins of the program's "militarism" and the adult military's discrimination towards gays.

There were promises that the program would somehow be retooled to provide "opportunities" for the mostly Asian teenagers who participate in Junior ROTC, but of course the promises were empty, and no replacement has been created so the group is still doing what it does best, marching in the annual Veterans Parade.

I missed the parade itself, but heard there was quite a strong anti-Iraq occupation contingent this year. Late on Sunday afternoon there was a group of Code Pink ladies meeting up in front of the Veterans building on Van Ness, and the group obviously included the Chalk Lady, who decorated the sidewalk with names and slogans.

She even ventured across the street to the California Public Utilities Commission building and left a message there.

I loved the add-on to "Impeach Bush and Cheney," directing us to start with "Cheney First."

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sfwillie said...

In the center bg of the third picture down:

There's a tall skinny jrotc kid in a white helmet looking at the camera.

See how the toes of his highly polished boots turn in...

Who could say "no" to him?

"Cheney first," is amusing, but you "love" it because it rips your heart out.