Sunday, April 01, 2007

Uni and her Ukelele

On an early Saturday afternoon day so beautiful it made you want to move to California...

...Uni and Her Ukelele had set up an impromptu sound system and was serenading a good crowd of folks enjoying the Hayes Street Green.

Uni also appears in a trio called The Paper Dolls whose myspace page asks the question: "3 ukeleles, 3 blondes, can you handle it?" (check out their website by clicking here).

Two-thirds of The Paper Dolls were present and they had recruited a saxophonist friend to join them.

"We'll call you a Paper Boy instead," she announced before telling the crowd this was her last song and that she was selling CDs "so stuff her hole" because she was saving up one dollar at a time for her first trip to Europe.

So we bought a homemade CD, beautifully packaged, for $5 and it's turned out to be quite wonderful. Check it out by clicking here.

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