Saturday, April 21, 2007

Left in the Dark

San Francisco Supevisor Ross Mirkarimi's office hosted their monthly art show in his City Hall offices on Friday evening.

It was an amiable crowd that spilled into the hallway outside...

...and happily the photography show, "Left in the Dark" was beautiful and interesting.

It consisted of large prints taken inside some of the single-screen movie theatres still standing in San Francisco, including a few heartbreakers like the Coronet Theatre on Geary Boulevard which is being demolished by a shady organization called The Institute on Aging.

The photographer is R.A. McBride (click here to get to her website and a slide show of all the theater photos), who is in the photo above on the right.

She even had a few photos of The Great Star theatre on Jackson Street in Chinatown where I used to go to kung-fu movies in the 1970s. This place actually had a curved, wide screen that was optimal for showing Hong Kong films made in "ShawScope."

At least the theater still stands and is used for Chinese opera performances, unlike the recently demolished favorite of mine at Polk and California, The Royal. Oh well, linear time moves on.

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