Friday, July 14, 2006

No War In Iran

At the weekly Quaker-led peace vigil in the front of the Federal building on Thursday, there wasn't much talk about Israel's latest grotesque bombing of the citizens of Lebanon and Gaza for the kidnapping of three Israeli soldiers.

I watched about ten minutes of the cable news stations before attending, but had to turn the television off because the propaganda was so transparent and awful.

"The Hezbollah terrorists plan to take the kidnapped soldiers to IRAN, sources say," Wolf Blitzer was crowing excitedly and idiotically on CNN.

For quite some time now, this murderous, lunatic United States government has done everything but announce that it was going to go to war soon with Iran, preferably in July, with George Schultz's Stanford protege Condoleezaa Rice stamping her little Ferragamos at every attempt at diplomacy with "that's not a satisfactory answer."

In other words, this has nothing to do with the "territorial integrity" of Israel, and this operation has been planned for some time as the first shot in the war on Iran.

The Quakers created thousands of protest pins before we commenced our disastrous invasion of Iraq, and somebody had the bright idea of recycling them by putting a small, taped sticker over "Iraq" and replacing it with the word "Iran." This gesture will probably do as much good as the original button, but at least it's an attempt. Please contact your congresspeople and senators, though they all seem to be in such thrall to the Israel lobby, it probably won't be much more effective than the button. Still, it's worth a try.


markleym said...

Thanks, Mike, for your right-on analysis. I couldn't agree more.

When we were retrofitting the buttons, little did I realize they'd become so relevant so soon.

janinsanfran said...

Yup -- got to try to stop this, though the odds don't look good. I see that the Pentagon wants to send more jet fuel to Israel, presumably so they can bomb Lebanon more. Or maybe Syria. Or hell, maybe Iran as this develops.

Something worth contacting Nancy Pelosi about I think, since Congress is supposed to approve. Local office: (415)556-4862. Might as well start on her early and often.

Anonymous said...

And getting back to the attacks on the occupied territories and Lebanon and Syria, here is an easy venue for making a statement:

The Guardian and the Independent

Are much better sources for news on this realm than the US papers.

Sometimes it feels like only prayer holds out hope for improving the situation.

love from me,

Professor Zero said...

Thanks, Mike. (And: great picture quality on the post below, re the supervisors.)