Monday, July 18, 2005

Heart of the City Farmers Market

In United Nations Plaza, between the Main Public Library, the Asian Art Museum and Market Street...

...there is a twice-weekly farmers market on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Farmers markets have recently become ubiquitous in various neighborhoods around San Francisco, but this one has been around longer than most.

It's certainly not fancy or very extensive in its selections... the one on Saturdays at the Ferry Building, which you can read about at my friend Samantha Breach's fabulous food blog, Becks and Posh.

But the truth is that it's nice being around fresh food selling that isn't pretentious on either the part of the farmers or the consumers.

The market is also a serious public service since the only other grocery stores in the area tend to be the corner liquor store variety which don't particularly specialize in food.

Plus, the place has cut flowers for sale...

...along with orchids...

...and succulents.

There's also Indian vegetarian food cooked by a Sikh...

...and a masseur to work on your aching back after an afternoon of shopping.

What more do you need?


Sam said...

Hey Mike

I keep meaning to visit this one
But what time do they run?
I like to have a little lie-in on Sundays

Do you know how local the farmers are too?

I know there is a backlash against the Ferry Building Market but there is such a wide range of fantastic stuff on offer, I can't help but like it, though it can be slightly pricey. (Always cheaper than Wholefoods though)

Berkeley is ok - but I just can't get all the stuff I want in one place there.

SantaBarbarian said...

I used to go to this one all the time. I loved the live chickens they had for sale. Of course I never bought one....but many people did leave with upside down chicken in hand.

Civic Center said...

Sam: I think you're probably better off at the Ferry Plaza market where there really is a huge selection of fabulous foodstuffs, and where you already know just about everyone. I really don't appreciate food in the interesting and sophisticated way you do, so the Civic Center market is probably just my speed. If you want to visit some Sunday, however, I can take you over to the Asian Art Museum at the same time where we can look at Buddhas.

Cookie Jill: There are no more live chickens, unfortunately. You have to go to Chinatown for that.