Monday, July 11, 2005

An Advertisement for Myself & A Conspiracy

Postings will be light here because I've been working on a huge, paying job for a client since last Friday and it threatens to continue through this Thursday. By the way, I earn my living creating/tweaking PowerPoint presentations, making them look professional, legible and well, pretty. My rates are inexpensive and it can all be done over the internet, so if you ever have any PowerPoint needs, get hold of me at:

Michael Strickland

Also, beyond the rotting Karl Rove news, there is some interesting speculation about the London bombings, whose official story is starting to look as weird and unconvincing as the 9/11 "offical story." Something's just not quite right here.

For an interesting description of the weird inconsistencies, check out this blog called The Dirt Files.


the Witch said...

I remember all the conspiracy garble post 9/11 here on the east coast. Everyone knew someone who knew something beforehand.

Darryl said...

And it gets worser and worser. Now the London coppers have been ordered to shoot to kill. Hell, only a few years ago they didn't carry guns and were very much opposed when the stupid politicians tried to force them to. Welcome to the Bravest of brave new worlds!

check this.