Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Khalistan Referendum in San Francisco

San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza was filled with thousands of Sikhs from all over the West Coast on Sunday.
They were standing in line for hours to participate in a non-binding referendum vote on the creation of a new Sikh country in the northern Indian state of Punjab.
These referendums have been taking place over the last two years among the approximately 25 million Sikhs around the world.
The Wikipedia page on the Khalistan movement is thorough in its accounting of the all the clashes between Muslim, Hindu, and Sikhs in the middle over the millenia, and it notes that diaspora Sikhs tend to be more enthusiastic about the idea of a new country than those who actually live in Punjab.
I'm not sure creating a new theocratic country is the answer, but what do I know?
For more extensive coverage, George Kelly at the San Francisco Standard was also at Civic Center on Sunday. Click here for his pics and text.

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