Monday, March 27, 2023

Marina Spring

In between atmospheric rivers this weekend, we went for a walk and stumbled across the Fort Mason Community Garden for the first time.
Their website begins with "Welcome to San Francisco's best kept secret..." It's open to the public, there are picnic benches, and on a cold, windy, gorgeously clear day, there were very few people. I only hope that I have not given the secret away and ruined yet another cool, hidden place.
We continued down the long sloping lawn towards the bay...
...passing the perpetual post-college frat party that assembles there every weekend.
Flowers are going to be everywhere around us this spring in California.
It should be glorious.
Nobody else seemed to want to venture onto the bayfront pathway because the occasional wave would try to breach the barriers.
We walked inland a couple of blocks to the Palace of Fine Arts.
I have not seen the place in such great shape, ever.
Usually there are sections cordoned off, but everything was open on Saturday, including not-so-secret trails...
...where wedding pictures could be taken...
...along with photos of architect Bernard Maybeck's beautiful, crazy rendition of Roman Ruins that so captivated San Francisco during the Pan-Pacific Exposition of 1915 that it was essentially rebuilt from scratch during the 1960s.

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