Thursday, April 01, 2021

Palm Springs Spring Break

Austin celebrated our first two-week vacation by inventing an artisanal cocktail, the Desert Sands Cosmo, while I cooled down my core temperature in our Palm Springs pool.
We have been attempting to eat light and healthy after putting on dozens of pounds during the pandemic...
...and have played on a half a dozen golf courses, both funky and fancy.
This year I joined Stonewall Golfers, a gay and lesbian organization in the Coachella Valley who put on about 100 outings at courses around the area.
They are more upscale than my usual milieu, but seem to have the usual mixture of delightful and dreary characters that populate most volunteer groups.
The Great Geriatric Gay Migration to Palm Springs continues apace.
Every other person I have met during the last two weeks seems to have moved here within the last three years, including a huge influx fleeing Trumplandias across the country. The pandemic also seems to have given a push to people considering a change in their living situations.
Even the great Salinas painter, John Cerney, has gotten into the act. He contributed a wonderful pop-up plywood painting/sculpture, Popsicles, for a barren stretch of the Sunny Dunes neighborhood, not far from the Tool Shed leather bar. Click here for a Desert Sun article about the people's public art installation.

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