Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Put This Baby in Jail

In towns and cities across the United States, there were public protests last Saturday decrying the sadistic behavior of immigration agents at our southern border.

The San Francisco edition marched from Dolores Park to Market Street and then down to City Hall on Polk.

The marchers were allowed on the north side of Market Street, and the continuous funnel of people lasted for over an hour.

They still managed to snarl traffic, particularly at the Octavia Street freeway onramp, where a sympathizer got out of his vehicle and honked his horn continuously to encourage the crowd.

A couple of vehicles tried to drive through the crowd, but they ended up being detained by sheriff's deputies.

There was lots of signage with Nazi analogies...

...which are unfortunately apt.

Babies and small children being ripped out of their parents' arms...

...has horrified anyone in this country with a conscience...

...and for parents of young children it is a particularly potent nightmare.

The reactions on view ranged from angry... funny... defiant.

There were a few welcome, makeshift marching bands...

...and a broader range of ethnicities than usual.

The sign above sadly encapsulates what some of us are feeling on this Fourth of July, usually my favorite holiday because it's all about summer fun, unless you live in San Francisco and are shrouded in fog.

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janinsanfran said...

Good pics. Gives a sense of how large this one was (I was across the Bay.) Bands are pretty standard in these things now. We're in a time when there's more space for both kids and culture than in some periods. :-)