Saturday, November 12, 2016

Election Healing Special at the Asian Art Museum

My membership to the Asian Art Museum in Civic Center lapsed months ago.

Yesterday there was a sweet promotional post from the museum on my Facebook feed which read: "The voting may be over, but not the reverberations. Museums offer safe spaces for discovery, insight and greater understanding of people; of their influences, beliefs and values. We're offering 50% off ALL LEVELS of Asian Art Museum memberships. Use code COMMUNITY at checkout."

So I paid $45 this morning for a year-long membership (with a guest!) and picked up free exhibition catalogues the Gift Shop had not managed to sell. It's a great deal and if you can make it to the museum on Sunday or online, highly recommended.

Will return with more time tomorrow and see how the forces of Good and Evil duked it out thousands of years ago in the Rama epic.

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