Saturday, August 06, 2016

Falun Dafa in The Outside Lands

On a bitterly cold August Saturday morning in San Francisco, a group of Falun Dafa adherents were engaging in their monthly meditative exercises on the dirt in Civic Center Plaza.

The group is primarily elderly Chinese, and for a publicly proselytizing religious cult, their approach is fairly benign.

When a gentleman tried to hand me a pamphlet and point to a picture of a book I should be reading, I told him it was not my thing and he gave me a sweet smile.

Across the street at Bill Graham Auditorium, Grove Street was blocked off for shuttle buses to Outside Lands, the freezing, foggy rock festival in Golden Gate Park. I am thankful to whatever deity that I will be spending the afternoon indoors watching young people sing Mozart opera instead.


sfwillie said...

Falun Dafa doesn't appeal to me. Neither does Outside Lands. I'm just glad I decided not to buy a Millennium Tower condo.

Civic Center said...

Dear sfwillie: Ditto on all three.