Monday, June 06, 2016

Find Your Effing Polling Place

Hardly anybody I know goes to the polls on voting day anymore but I enjoy the ritualistic aspects of it. This June, however, I'm luxuriating poolside in Palm Springs so we went to San Francisco City Hall last Saturday and voted early.

I tried to make my partner Tony sign up for work as a poll worker, but when the interviewer asked him why he wanted to participate in the elections, he responded, "I don't. My spouse is making me." When they told him there was a $100 fine for not showing up at his precinct at 6 AM, he decided to decline the position.

If you are voting in person tomorrow morning and don't know where your polling place might be, there is an obscenely named website that I tested and it's quite accurate. It even tells you who's up for election. Click here for a link. As far as who and what to vote for, my only suggestions are the following: Either Victor Hwang or Sigrid Elizabeth Irias and NOT Paul Henderson who is Mayor Lee's guy for Superior Court Judge, Seat 7; vote NO on San Francisco Proposition B which earmarks more money for the historically dysfunctional Rec & Park Department; and of course Kim over Weiner for State Senate.


Hattie said...

Looking forward to the results from California!

janinsanfran said...

Great polling place link!