Wednesday, February 17, 2016

San Francisco Snapshot

I looked out my kitchen window last Friday and saw a man sprawled half on the sidewalk and half on the street, with his belongings in a garbage bag in the crosswalk nearby.

Whether he was drunk and/or drugged and/or just had a heart attack, nobody seemed to know or care.

The young man on his mobile device ignoring the old man in a pose of crucifixion felt like a perfect snapshot of San Francisco right now.


sfwillie said...

Just curious... what happened to the parking space?

Hattie said...

Uh huh. Now if he had been a dog in distress it would have been a different matter.

Civic Center said...

Dear Willie: Good question.

Dear Hattie: Actually, that happened last year where some street person left their dog tied to a fence, crying and barking, and everyone got on their phone to animal control.

janinsanfran said...

I actually thought this was somewhat useful:

Not sure what I think of the source, but better than nothing.