Monday, November 09, 2015

Recology and Divine Surrealism at the O'Farrell Theatre

The Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre strip club has been covered with extravagant paint jobs since at least the 1970s.

A couple of years ago, the outside back wall was adorned with a striking Mike Shine mural of a band where the banjo player was "first to leave."

It was replaced in May by an 80'x35' wheat paste collage mural by John Vochatzer, whose day job is actually working in some capacity at the strip club. It was John's boss who offered the commission and the result is spectacular, a quartet of surrealist female divinities. For a very entertaining interview with the artist about the trials and tribulations of installing the piece, click here for a post at Street Art.

By the way, I have tried on two separate days to take a shot of the full mural, but there always seems to be a Recology garbage truck parked in front of it. Thankfully, the blue and green truck highlights actually match the mural's color scheme, but it does make one wonder if the employee benefits program at Recology includes Happy Hour at the O'Farrell Theatre.

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