Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sausalito Ferryboat Workaday Getaway

The ferry boat from Sausalito to the San Francisco Ferry Building and back is one of the greatest public transportation commutes in the world.

There's a coffee-in-the-morning, alcohol-in-the-afternoon bar, views that make tourists go crazy with their cameras...

...and lots of cute, romantic visitors mixed in with locals.

If you work in downtown San Francisco and want to get away to another country for a couple of hours, I can't recommend a quick trip on the Sausalito ferry strongly enough.

The Marin Golden Gate transit agency clips the tourists with a one-way fare of $10.75, but if you use a Clipper card, presumably making you a local commuter, the fare is $5.50, one of the great nautical deals around.

Once in Sausalito you can do the shopping thing, have lunch and/or a drink, or simply sit along the shoreline and absorb the beauty.

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