Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Exploring Naked Bike Cruising on the Waterfront

After walking upstream on Market Street through the St. Patrick's Parade, we walked west on the Embarcadero to the Exploratorium science museum while dodging fake Buddhist monks asking for donations.

The Exploratorium was offering free admission in honor of Pi Day, but the line stretched all the way to the end of an adjoining pier so we kept walking.

Adding to the day's amusement was a contingent from the World Naked Bike Ride.

The gent above was on roller skates making his way through the crowd of tourists, who seemed to be pleasantly shocked by the spectacle as they gasped in surprise, laughed, and pointed.

The saddest part of Supevisor Scott Weiner's War on the Nudists in the Castro was that tourists getting off the F streetcar line loved them. Plus, the naked people have been replaced by feral street punks who have proved to be even more of a neighborhood nuisance.

Further down the block, people were drinking at a pop-up beergarden attached to the Pier 23 restaurant while being framed by a gigantic cruise ship.

A new cruise terminal for the industry opened last September at Pier 27 where the America's Cup complex once stood.

According to one of the traffic monitors in the parking lot, the cruise season has just begun and they are expecting over 100 of these ships to berth between now and November.

Saturday's boarding was for a 7-day trip down the Pacific coast to Ensenada and back.

Though I love boat rides, I prefer when there's an actual destination, but everyone to their own pleasure.

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