Sunday, February 08, 2015

Mobile Series 7: Portraits at 111 Minna

Red Door Coffee started its business at 111 Minna, the art gallery / bar / coffee shop / dancehall / party space on 2nd Street downtown. The 22-year-old space has always featured a gallery with frequently rotating art shows, and on Friday a group show opened with the evocative name, Portraits of Strangers Someones & Nobodies. The opening wall triptych featured the work of Michael Reedy with the paintings on left and right entitled Self Portrait.

I had never visited the place before, and realized immediately that the loss was mine. (Stranger Danger by Jaxon Northon is above.)

The space is beautiful and well lit for showing off art for sale, and the Financial District Happy Hour is a good one, with pleasant staff and interesting young people. (My favorite piece in the show, A Moment for Jonathan, by Calvin Lai is above.)

Towering over the stage in one of the two large rooms of the L-shaped space was a large painting called "Side Effects May Include..." by NoMe Edenna, addressing mobile fracturing.

Mirroring the painting were some of the gallery attendees.

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Hattie said...

I like that art. It looks original and compelling.