Friday, December 12, 2014

Palm Spring Buddhas

Palm Springs allows me to be meditative... a way that is impossible in a crowded, noisy city like San Francisco.

It helps to have a few wise friends to pal around with too, taking walks through fancy neighborhoods...

...and not so fancy detritus in open desert lots.

Adjoining the old Palm Springs Tennis Club at the foot of the mountains downtown is an expensive restaurant called Spencer's which has probably the best gourmet lunch deal in all of California.

For $19.50, you are offered a three-course meal...

...that usually grows more delicious with each bite.

The deal is offered as a "Business Lunch (designed to be served in forty-five minutes)" which would be a horrible waste of fine dining and service if you actually tried to cram the experience into that time. Steve Wibben above pretends we are in Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion, in the scene where they ask the truck stop waitress, "Do you have some sort of business woman special?"

The night before flying back to San Francisco during Stormaggedon, I stopped at a bar/restaurant called Wang's in the Desert where there was a memorial celebration for Robert Stearns, a heavy hitter in the arts world.

Even gay bar memorials can be meditative in Palm Springs.

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