Thursday, October 30, 2014

Psychic City Hall and the SF Giants Parade

Somebody at San Francisco City Hall was either psychic or optimistic this week. One of the odder details of Wednesday's Game 7 of the World Series were little white tents being set up on Polk Street in front of City Hall with orange and black flags on top of them. This was on Wednesday afternoon, before the game had even begun.

When I asked the laborers what the tents were for, they were mystified, but it looked like preparations for a Giants Parade in front of City Hall.

Maybe the powers that be were planning on holding a parade for the Giants win or lose.

If you have any issues with claustrophobia, my advice is to stay as far away from Civic Center Plaza on Friday as possible. I'm going to San Francisco's downtown Financial District just to avoid the crowds.


Nancy Lambert said...

Do you know what event planner handled the parade this year?

Michael Strickland said...

Dear Nancy: Sorry, don't have a clue.