Friday, August 15, 2014

Stop Suing San Francisco, Gavin Newsom

There was a photo-op in front of the San Francisco Ferry Building at lunchtime in anticipation of a meeting between the California Lands Commission and the San Francisco Port Commission. The confab was presumably about the lawsuit the State Commission recently filed against the people of San Francisco for voting to have a say in waterfront height issues with Proposition B. For a very good explanation of the absurdity and ugly backroom deals that led to this lawsuit, click here for a link to former San Francisco Mayor Art Agnos' op-ed in this morning's San Franciso Chronicle.

Gavin Newsom is on the California Lands Commimssion and is the public face of the lawsuit. The former San Francisco Mayor and currently useless California Lieutenant Governor currently lives in the Marin Multimillionaire village of Ross. He deserves to be mocked and heckled every time he shows his photogenic face in San Francisco from this point forward. It takes a heaping amount of arrogance and hypocrisy to dun the taxpayers of San Francisco on behalf of waterfront developers, just because they are friends of Brown/Pelosi/Feinstein, the real old powerbrokers in this provincially corrupt city.

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