Saturday, April 05, 2014

The City of Palaces Launch Party

Michael Nava's new novel, The City of Palaces, has just been published by the University of Wisconsin Press, and a launch party was held last Sunday at The Stable on Folsom and 17th.

Rather like a baby christening, there were people from a wide variety of Nava's various worlds, including the legal profession, such as professor Susan Rutberg in the first photo and Eddie Ahn, the public interest lawyer/cartoonist above.

There were fellow writers such as poet Lewis Ellingham above left with Nava...

...and Armando Rendon, editor of the Latino online literary magazine Somos en escrito, with his wife...

...and broadcaster Scott Schafer from KQED.

There were friends from the political world, such as (above left to right) Matt Gonzalez, Rebeccca Prozan, and friends Shay Gilmore and Christine McGravan.

Nava has long provided mentoring to young minority lawyers, including Stanford alum Fermin Mendoza above middle who livened the party with his sweet band of buddies.

There was a reading from the first chapter of the book by Nava, which was introduced by writer Kevin Killian above.

Nava not only imagined, researched and wrote this remarkable novel, but he now begins the arduous process of helping it find its readers. Check it out and pass it on.

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