Tuesday, March 25, 2014

2014 SFUSD Arts Festival: 3D Art

the San Francisco Unified School District's annual arts festival at the Asian Art Museum has come and gone with next to no publicity, but keep your eyes peeled for it next March because the event is enormously stirring. Sculpture this year came in every media imaginable, including Ruth Asawa/School of the Arts senior Lori Bato's Exo-tic Lifeforms above with teacher Scot Bishop.

Surrounding the second floor stairway at the museum were a number of collections, including a pair of Fish by Dylan Kelleman and Jake Saiz, students in the Buena Vista Horace Mann Elementary School class of Bob Armstrong.

Elementary school students of Sheila Ghedini at Cathedral School created Cool Creeper above, a set of robots with electrical eyes.

Lucy Montgomery, an eighth grader at Rooftop Mayeda with teacher C. Sugawara, created the touching diorama above, Day of the Dead: To My Grandfather.

One of the more startling displays was a collection of ceramic Babies by third graders from New Traditions Elementary in Meg Sandine's class.

There was nothing particularly cute about these babes, possibly because the young artists were still close enough to their own infancy. They seemed to capture the essence of babyhood from the inside, as in the piece above by Cassady Komater.

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