Monday, December 02, 2013

Meat The Needs of World AIDS Day

San Francisco's City Hall was lit demonic red every night for most of last week and nobody in the neighborhood knew why. If it was to celebrate the San Francisco 49ers football team, there would have been matching gold rays. If the lighting was for the holidays, green highlights would be in order.

I went to City Hall today to investigate, and a sweet young woman at the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services checked Google and replied that the red illumination was for World AIDS Day on Sunday, December 1st. "It's been more like World AIDS Week around here," I told her.

In their current issue, San Francisco's free gay weekly newspaper, Bay Area Reporter, reported on events surrounding World AIDS Day though without mentioning City Hall. The paper is usually much better proofed and edited than that cesspool of sloppy grammar and spelling, the San Francisco Chronicle, but in their current issue they still managed to print a great typo on their front page. In an article entitled Focus turns to aging with AIDS by Matthew S. Bajko, the second paragraph starts with, "AIDS advocates are calling on service providers and health departments to tailor HIV prevention services, including HIV testing, to meat the needs of people aged 50 and above." The homophones meet and meat are deviously SpellCheck proof.

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