Saturday, November 02, 2013

Odd Fellows Open Studios

The Odd Fellows Building is one of the coolest, strangest, and loveliest structures in San Francisco. It houses the local fraternal order of Odd Fellows, along with a diverse section of arts groups, including the Alonzo King Lines Dance Center, a flamenco dance company, and a handful of painters who call themselves the Oddists.

At their website, the painters describe themselves and their location as follows: "The Oddists are a group of famous fantastic fine artists in San Francisco who have their studios in the Odd Fellows Building located right in the middle of the Central Market Street Arts Sector on the corner of Seventh and Market Streets at the edge of the Wino Country just outside the Urine District in fabulous San Francisco."

You can visit their second-floor studios this weekend as part of the citywide Open Studios shebang, which is highly recommended...

...if only to see the vibrant, marvelous paintings of Richard Louis Perri (above right) which are pictured in the preceding photos.

I made a brief visit Friday evening in order to see the work and new studio of a friend, Grove Wiley above, and left feeling envious of his great space and new colleagues on the edge of Wino Country.


Christine Okon said...

Thanks Mike..are you related to George Wiley? I thought it was you at first

Civic Center said...

Dear Chris: It's Grove rather than George Wiley, though in truth he was born with another name. And no, we're not related. We're old supernumerary buddies from backstage at the San Francisco Opera.

AlbGlinka said...

What a great write-up, Michael-- thanks and I'm sure Richard will appreciate it too! Thanks for stopping by with Tony!