Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The New O'Farrell Theatre Mural

A striking new mural has appeared on the back of the O'Farrell Theater strip club, which used to be known as the Mitchell Brothers Theater before one of the Mitchell Brothers killed the other in a drug fueled altercation.

I walked in the front door of the club at noon to see if anybody knew the story behind the mural, and was greeted by a sweet young woman at the ticket counter and a sour middle-aged male manager who looked at me suspiciously. Neither of them had any clue about the art and whether there was a backstory. When I told them that I was going to put a picture of the new mural on the internet, the manager barked that it would not be allowed under any circumstances.

I was tempted to ask him what part of "public" he didn't understand when it came to the concept of "public mural," but didn't bother and left my phone number and email address with the young woman in case somebody wanted to pass on any information about the artwork, which is a wonderfully strange, spooky addition to the gritty neighborhood.

Update: The muralist is Mike Shine. Click here for his website.


Civic Center said...

Stuart Cudlitz explains: "The missing man minstrel formation...always the banjo late to the show or first to go."

Kristi said...

Interesting new public art, I think it's well done.

Nancy Ewart said...

I like it to. After I read your post this morning, I went to see it - quite a nice addition to the hood.

Anonymous said...

There's another mural by the same artist on the wall in Austin Alley behind Redding Elementary School at Pine/Larkin. It shows 4 boys and has the following message:
"Shine on, harvest moon
Our day of reapeath cometh soon."
i always imagined kids would love that. d/k if they do or not, tho.

Christian said...

Like it. Nice find!

Anonymous said...

updated info re other mural in Austin Alley -- has 6 or more men & boys & the message actually reads: "our day of reaping cometh soon."
Wonder what Mr. Shine meant by that?

Jack Hutton said...

This mural painted over one of the great murals in the city..and rather than offer a gritty cynical vision it was a hopeful peaceful aquatic life scene. Its a loss. this artist defaced rather than restored the wall art.. and it was corporate sponsored by the prominently featured Converse Sneakers. I won't buy Converse and the loss of great street art makes me sad every time I pass by this ugly yelllow mess.

lizzel said...

there is a new mural in progress there now, not sure the artist