Saturday, August 03, 2013

The Divine Docent

After looking at some of Larry's treasures again at the Asian Art Museum this week...

...I went to the second floor where the docent above was leading a half dozen visitors through the Japanese wing.

Usually, I'm annoyed by docents and scurry to another room when they are prattling about art, though not as annoyed as my painter friend David Barnard who brings earplugs to museums. This docent was different, though, with a clear voice that was just above a whisper coupled with an intensely present aura. She let the group provide cues on the direction of discussions, and it was a bit like walking with a knowledgeable friend in an interesting conversation, rather than the usual dull, insistent docent lecture.

Her name is Pamela Fischer, and her passion for Japanese art is infectious. By the way, Sunday, August 4th (tomorrow) is free admission day at the Asian Art Museum, and if Ms. Fischer happens to be there, do tag along.


Tim Hallman said...

Thanks, Michael, for giving a shout out to our docent corps. Not many know that our docents are required to complete three years of training before they can lead a public tour. They're also volunteers--they donate their time and energy. There's another 200 just like Pam.

Unknown said...

Hi Michael, Thanks for reminding me it's free admission Sunday at the Asian. I think I'll head down shortly. :)

examb said...

Pretty good looking, too.

Civic Center said...

Dear Tim: Nice to see you here. I am sure your docents are all highly qualified after years of rigorous training, but I'm going to stand by my opinion that Pamela Is Special!

Dear James: Hope you enjoyed Larry's swag.

Dear examb: That's a lovely remark.