Monday, February 04, 2013

Year of the Snake

The Asian Art Museum offered a free family day on Sunday with performances and activities dedicated to the upcoming Year of the Snake, the Chinese lunar New Year celebration which begins on February 10th.

The Chinese American International School from neighboring Hayes Valley provided a small student orchestra on traditional Chinese instruments that sounded great, though they were impossible to see from standing room around the edges of the seated audience, a longtime problem for live performances presented in Samsung Hall.

The real pleasure was watching parents hand in hand with their kids...

...negotiating old marble stairways together.


Nancy Ewart said...

What a charming post! Is it possible that you are mellowing with time?

Civic Center said...

Dear Nancy: I've always done charming posts here and there. And everyone wise mellows with time, which doesn't necessarily mean it's happening to me.

AphotoAday said...

Dear Mr. Mellow... (((LOL))) (((but yes you are)))
Anyway, oh crap--not the year of the snake again... I have a huge phobia that has gotten worse over the years regarding snakes. I can't even look at a photo of one. They're always showing snakes on TV--I keep the remote handy.

Civic Center said...

Dear Donald: Thanks for that vote on my essential nature.

And I have also had a lifelong phobia about snakes. During adolescence I used to have frequent snake nightmares where I had to walk carefully among hundreds of them, all poisonous, while making my way across a yard or a house. They still scare the bejesus out of me, to tell you the truth, which is one reason I'm not a very adventurous hiker. Too many rattlesnakes.