Sunday, April 08, 2012

Free Sunday at the Asian 2: Changing Japan

The Japanese galleries on the second floor of the Asian Art Museum seem to most frequently rotate their permanent collection, with one amazing large screen after another emerging for a brief appearance in the limelight before being packed away again in dark storage.

For instance, a spectacular tiger (earth) and dragon (heaven) on an 18th century, six-panel screen from the Avery Brundage collection has been newly installed.

Next door is the constantly changing basket room...

...with a 1990 wall hanging from Appalachian wood by the contemporary Okura Jiro above...

...and a 1977 camphor wood bowl by the same artist.

I have a membership to the Asian Art Museum thanks to a birthday gift from my Tibetan Buddhist friend Heidi in Santa Barbara, and in exchange I feel happily obliged to send these digital postcards.

So Happy Spring Ritual, everyone, whether that be Easter, Passover, Iranian Norouz, Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival, and/or the Opening of Baseball Season.

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Pura Vida said...

brilliant energy. here is to the renewal of spring. despite recent drama, i am convinced and committed to nonviolence.