Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dragon Pagoda Boat in Civic Center

The two week period that is Chinese New Years has just begun, and a wildly decorative float was being erected for the first time in Civic Center Plaza in honor of the holiday.

I asked the security guard if the float was going to be part of the Chinese New Years Parade on February 11th, but he said the structure was too large and was only meant for Civic Center.

Presumably, the arrival of this new bit of civic decoration has something to do with San Francisco's first, long overdue Chinese mayor, Edwin Lee.

The Pagoda Boat is a colorful addition to the neighborhood, and helps assuage the feelings of loss from the three-headed six-armed Monster Buddha who left us last year so mysteriously and precipitously.


affinity said...

Love the Pagoda Boat, thanks for sharing it with us!

Civic Center said...

Thanks, affinity. I'll post some more photos when it's complete and I wander over to the plaza again.