Wednesday, September 07, 2011

San Francisco Symphony's Free 100th Birthday Bash

A large stage, sound booths, and chairs have started going up in Civic Center Plaza today in preparation for tomorrow's noontime free concert by the San Francisco Symphony, highlighted by superstar soloist Lang Lang playing Lizst's First Piano Concerto.

The event is being offered to the city's citizens in celebration of the Symphony's 100th anniversary this year, following a lavish opening at Davies Hall this evening with members of San Francisco's Social Register greeting each other after a seasonal absence at their various summer homes.

In the meantime, an event planner from the Symphony was asking somebody at Classic Party Rentals, "should we put down chairs or will people bring their own blankets?" I put in my two cents and said very few people would have the foresight to bring blankets and lawn chairs to the event, and on my way back from the Heart of the City Farmers Market, it looked like they were going with the plastic chairs on the hard-packed dirt option. Bravo.

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Axel Feldheim said...

Thanks for championing the chairs. I'm planning on being there, but I certainly won't be bringing a blanket.

Don't they usually have this at Justin Herman Plaza or Yerba Buena Gardens? Those locations seem likely to have a better weekday lunchtime crowd.