Thursday, February 03, 2011

Walking to Sausalito 2: Bridge

Ships laden with Chinese produced stuff were gliding under the Golden Gate Bridge as I climbed up the hill to cross the span.

Though it's beautiful to look at, actually walking across the Golden Gate Bridge is not one of my favorite things.

The incessant vehicle traffic makes it feel like you're walking in the middle of the San Diego freeway while looking out at the Farallones islands.

If you have an ounce of acrophobia...'s terrifying to look down at the bay...

...particularly with the ghosts hovering about the structure...

...and the signage insisting that it is both "fatal and tragic" to jump from this bridge.

The final stretch of the walk down Alexander Avenue is a narrow, curving road where bicyclists and cars whiz past pedestrians at high speeds with inches to spare. All you can do is pray they are watching carefully.

Once you have finally reached pedestrian-friendly sidewalks in Sausalito, the stroll becomes pleasurable again and the views of San Francisco and the Bay Area are exquisite.

Speaking of exquisite, Donald Kinney's photoblog features the most amazing pictures of Marin County on a daily basis imaginable. Click here to check it out.


AphotoAday said...

Oh my gosh, I wasn't expecting this... Thank you very much... Your continued support is really appreciated... Wish I didn't have to keep filling up my gas tank but a guy does what he has to do... Just got back from a little out to the "tree tunnel" in heavy fog at Point Reyes -- think I got some good shots...

No finer blog about the goings on in S.F. than yours, Mike... Gives me a taste of culture that I so sorely lack.

With appreciation, Don and Kitty

Alai said...

Go left and under the bridge and avoid most of Alexander Ave. -- it's 0.7 miles further, but much nicer.

Civic Center said...

Dear Alai: I had heard there was another route via Fort Baker but didn't know how to do it. Thanks for confirming the rumor.