Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Izzies 2: The Shoe and The Tattoo

The two emcees for The Izzies were Deborah Brooks Vaughan from the Dimensions Dance Theatre (above left) and John R. Killacky (above right), who is the "Program Officer, Arts & Culture" for the San Francisco Foundation, and he proved to be a lively, funny host.

After Sarah Van Patten (above) accepted the award for "Outstanding Achievement in Company Performance" for the San Francisco Ballet's "Stravinsky Violin Concerto," Killacky had her return to the stage so she could display the awesomeness of her outrageous high heeled shoes.

She gamely took off one shoe to display on the podium as he requested...

...and seeing that he had possibly embarrassed the dancer, he offered to show her his tattoo of the logo from Meredith Monk's opera "Atlas," which the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis had commissioned when Killacky was in charge of that institution.

He discreetly took off his tie and part of his white shirt and showed the horse tattoo to Ms. Van Patten and some of the audience. It was charming.


jolene said...

What a charming story! Thanks for reporting - I had no idea that this was free to attend; it would have been fun to go. I was really rooting for Sarah Van Patten's all-season performance - she made a particularly strong showing last year. It was good to see some local choreographers getting recognition as well.

Will I see you on Wednesday for the opening night gala? I'm afraid it's a Tomasson choreography love fest (with a Wheeldon, Balanchine and some classic choreography thrown in), but as usual, all the principals will be on full display on the same night.

sfmike said...

Dear Jolene: I'm a working class hero these days who has to get up at six thirty in the morning so no opening night gala for me.