Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tempest Tossed

A contemporary environmental sculpture appeared on McAllister Street last night.

Actually, a section of ivy on a concrete wall must have become waterlogged during yesterday's typhoon, and a section of it came down.

The wall belongs to the California Public Utilities Commission building on the corner of Van Ness and McAllister.

It looked like an apt representation of the Golden State after a decade of abuse by Dubya, Schwarzenegger and the thieves they represent.


Black Rock Arts Foundation said...

momo said...

Wow, what an apt comparison.

Matty Boy said...

That was one nasty storm yesterday! Worst in 50+ Octobers accoring to the papers.

What about the twigs in the trees? Are they still up? Did they survive?

sfmike said...

The Patrick Dougherty sculptures are fine. And the storm wasn't that nasty. It was simply a tropical typhoon, and I loved every minute of it.

AlbGlinka said...

If there were a museum label with "Environmental Sculpture by Maya Lin" next to it, it would be worth millions.

There was a big old tree down across a walking path that circles a favorite GG Park lake near my house, but alas, I go out sans camera.