Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Palm Springs Opera in the Park

The Palm Springs Opera Guild has an annual competition for aspiring opera singers, culminating in scholarships and a free Sunday afternoon concert in Sunrise Park.

Even by opera's surrealistic standards, the young divas in gowns and young divos in tuxedos filing through the casual crowds...

...in 100 degree heat...

...was quite a sight.

Though none of the singers knocked me out, they were all good, and the 30+ person orchestra played well.

Plus the collection of arias and ensembles were surprisingly ambitious, complete with a mezzo and countertenor above singing the final duet from Monteverdi's "Coronation of Poppea."

It was a lovely afternoon.


L. Strether said...

Okay so I just returned from seeing the hilarious Lieutenant of Inishmore which could be infuencing my mood, but those photographs are a riot.

whabbear said...

God's waiting room, indeed!

Loved your comment about the clueless teabaggers. Exactly.

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