Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fighting for Hawaiian Public Lands

On February 26th, a group of Hawaiians gathered in San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza to draw attention to the issue of the selling off of "ceded lands" in Hawaii to private interests.

It was a sweet looking group that was handing out information to the occasional passersby (click here for a blog about their issues).

On February 25th, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in the case of State of Hawaii, et al (petitioner) v. Office of Hawaiian Affairs, et al (respondent) where the main issue is whether the government of the State of Hawaii has the absolute power to sell the "Ceded" Lands of Hawaii (click here for a more detailed explanation). Essentially:
"The brief filed by Attorney General Mark Bennett in the state’s appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court from transferring or selling ceded lands has caused much anger among Hawaiians. The appeal seeks to overturn a Hawai‘i Supreme Court ruling temporarily barring the state from transferring or selling ceded lands. A reading of the brief illustrates the state’s acknowledgement that while wrongs have been committed against Native Hawaiians in the past, history is no protection against the superior power of the government to steal, coerce and oppress."

Matters aren't being helped by Hawaiian Governor Linda Lingle, a Jewish Republican reactionary who insists on drug testing for schoolteachers and who is trying to cram an ecologically disastrous "Superferry" down the islands' throats among other charming activities. She was also a particular favorite of former Vice President Dick Cheney (click here for an illuminating Wikipedia article). Good luck, Hawaii. We have our own creepy Republican governor to deal with.


AphotoAday said...

Man-oh-man, I sure will back you up on your last sentence!
I think the man is dangerous...

Matthew Hubbard said...

Wow, a Republican governor in Hawai'i. I thought it was a Democratic stronghold only surpassed by Washington, D.C.

zoo said...

hey is that an adam's apple on her 'petite" neck?
she's definitely scary and incredibly tacky!! that must a special requisite to run for governor!

Robert said...

Linda was born in St. Louis but raised in SoCal. She is a member of the Cutter auto dealership family. I met her once and she is as cold as a fish. Her election in a strong Democratic state is definitely a puzzle, especially given her birth and youth in what is essentially a "foreign" country, namely the Heartland and Southern California.

Civic Center said...

Dear Robert: It is a puzzle, but so is Schwarzenegger as California governor. Glad to hear that you found Ms. Linda as charming as her reputation would imply.

Robert said...

Mike, for emphasis, permit me to repeat my assessment:

Fish. Cold. As.

Her election twice is a real puzzle.