Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gay Marriage and a Murdered Son

On the way to check out sculptor Patrick Dougherty's progress in Civic Center Plaza on Wednesday afternoon, I ran into a media event on City Hall's Polk Street stairs. Frank Chu wasn't there but the "happy, happy" old man and his signage were present.

The event was to commemorate the fifth anniversary of San Francisco's aborted attempt at legal gay marriages on February 12th five years ago. The speakers seemed to be the usual publicity seekers who think of gay marriage as the most important issue in the entire world, and who were there to commemorate their brush with fame.

Standing in front of the speakers on the sidewalk, as she has done during a daily vigil for the last two months, was Paulette Brown. She has an informational shrine about her son, 17-year-old Aubrey Abrakasa, who was shot to death in their doorway in the Western Addition in 2006.

In San Francisco, the police department can't seem to solve a murder case even if a coroner's dog is pointing at the evidence, but Ms. Brown is determined that justice be done. I wouldn't bet against that determination, either. Good luck, Ms. Brown.


AphotoAday said...

I didn't realize that the "happy happy" man makes guest appearances outside of Chinatown...

And where WAS Frank Chu, anyway?

Civic Center said...

Dear Donald: I first ran into the "happy happy" man down at Market and Montgomery where he used to hang out for a spell. He also makes cameos on occasion around Civic Center. As for Frank Chu, he was probably hanging out with Beth Spotswood somewhere.