Saturday, August 16, 2008

Totenreich 1: The War Machine

At age 54, I have more dead friends than the average person, on account of living through the AIDS epidemic in San Francisco, and also because my closest friends tended to live closer to the edge than usual, and quite a few of them fell over the side. In any case, they have remained with me as occasional voices in my head, and lately they have been particularly present and insistent, for reasons unknown.

Possibly it's because of the political pessimism that is abroad in the land for very good reason. The advent of Obama was a moment of hope that's being taken away almost as quickly. The United States is a warmongering machine and has been so my entire life. That's not going to change with a simple switch of presidents.

The reascension of the Democrats over the Republicans won't do much to change the status quo either, as Speaker Pelosi's constituents are starting to figure out. (Click here for Jan Adams' amusing account of Pelosi's book-signing recently at Fort Mason.)

Now the Bush administration wants to attack Russia through the client state of Georgia, which is simultaneously stupid, evil and disastrous but that hasn't stopped the current lunatics from trying. (For a savage, detailed account of the situation, click here for the conspiratorial TBRNews which has a good wrapup.)

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