Thursday, July 17, 2008

Laf-A-Lots Car Club

On Saturday afternoon, the Parkside bar at the bottom of Potrero Hill hosted an annual gathering on a one-block stretch of Wisconsin Street ...

...for a small, unfancy, local car club started in 1960 called Laf-A-Lots Frisco Car Club (click here for their website).

Though I hate cars and car culture...

...I also like lots of people who absolutely love their automobiles... some cases to the point of total fetishization, which is always interesting.

There were various makes and models at the Laf-A-Lots gathering, but I got the feeling that most people in this group seriously worshiped at the altar of classic Chevrolet.

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namastenancy said...

It's all about the tailfins, Babe! I saw a car from that vintage recently. It was pink slathered with chrome and the fins went on forever. Jaws had nothing on it. Awesome!