Friday, March 07, 2008

Shirley Golub for Congress

The weekly Quaker peace vigil continues every Thursday at noon in front of the newly landscaped and still brutally ugly Federal Building on Golden Gate Avenue.

I still think the powers that be should just turn the damned plaza into a skateboard park, for which it is ideally designed.

Recently the peace group has been joined by Shirley Golub (above on the left)...

...who is running against Nancy "impeachment's off the table" Pelosi for the Eighth Congressional District seat (click here to get to her campaign website).

She's not really part of the peace vigil, but has decided she likes the group, and has set up shop at the same time every Thursday to campaign, accompanied by Bush administration puppets in prison outfits.

Every day we spend in Iraq is another day of death and destruction and throwing billions of dollars away to war profiteers, and the repercussions will be horrifying. We've only begun to see them.

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Sherry said...

We have a weekly Quaker peace vigil here in Lexington, Kentucky, too, in front Rupp Arena and the Civic Center.

Thanks to these brave and dedicated folk.