Thursday, February 28, 2008

Junk Mail Art at City Hall

On the fourth floor at City Hall, there's a new art show sponsored by Mayor Gavin Newsom's office and the Academy of Art University. This is the same school that's been gobbling up San Francisco real estate voraciously, and who have been accused of breaking every zoning and permitting law extant. But heck, why should the mayor care about that?

Meanwhile, the Board of Supervisors was lifting a temporary development moratorium at the San Francisco Flower Mart which had been threatened by the university's latest acquisition plans.

It seems that the firestorm of bad publicity over the flower mart eviction finally stopped the plan in its tracks, and now they are taking a page out of Mayor Newsom's public relations playbook and are presenting a student exhibit displaying "environmental consciousness" called "Junk Mail: From Debris to Design."

The pieces look a bit strange on the ornate fourth floor of City Hall...

...but the whimsical junk mail papier-mache has its own charm...

...and the five artists, including Brett Mastaler (above) looked like they had a great time with the project. (Click here for more info on the show.)

Plus, having a postal monster greet one at the door to City Hall is certainly an interesting way to be introduced to the workings of San Francisco government.

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Nancy Ewart said...

I thought that the show was charming and I loved the contrast between City Hall's 1908 marble and gold and the students whimsical use of recycled materials. I had fun talking to them as well. I don't much like what the Academy of Art is doing but they do have very committed, intelligent students. Besides I'm an artist. I alway love a chance to talk about art with other artists.