Monday, November 20, 2006

Public School Enrollment Fair

At the Bill Graham Auditorium on Saturday the 17th...

...the San Francisco Unified School District was holding its annual Public School Enrollment Fair.

The auditorium was crammed...

...with parents looking for schools for their children.

Even though there was plenty of tension in the room, as people tried to figure out the labyrinth of options available and the many forms they were required to fill out...

...the atmosphere was still fairly festive.

This was partly because of all the homemade exhibits advertising the wonders of each school...

...which made the place look and feel like a demented High School Science Fair.

The options ranged from the Malcolm X Academy... the Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy... the more traditionally named Longfellow School.

Parents have two months, starting from today until January 19th to submit their applications to the school district with their seven ranked choices.

This is officially called Round One of the selection process for the next academic year and if you miss this particular window, your chances of getting what you want are minimal.

So good luck to everyone, and especially to Mike Lin on Potrero Hill.


cubbie said...

hi. i am featured in one of your pictures of the quakers, with a purple hoodie. i am short.

today i saw something that i thought you might want to cover - the people at macy's are striking for healthcare benefits. not only that, but it's being done in a very visually interesting day, when juxtaposed with the christmas decorations of the store. imagine Real Life Santa waving over a bunch of strikers.

Caroline said...

This is a great photo spread and commentary!

As a veteran SFUSD mom and at various times a Parents for Public Schools and SFPTA board member, I wanted to clarify one point. It's true that it would be a really bad idea to miss Round 1 of the lottery. OTOH, there are many families who didn't get the school they wanted originally, but either got it further on in the process, got a lower-ranked choice that turned out fine, or discovered that one they hadn't even thought to ask for turned out to be great.

So it's not as scary as it sounds! Good luck to all, and for more information, contact Parents for Public Schools, or 415/468-7077.