Saturday, May 27, 2006

Poulenc the Palate Cleanser

Cedric The Philistine over at the SFist blog wrote an amusing review of the current San Francisco Symphony concerts (click here) that feature the duo pianists Katia and Marielle Labeque, a pair of glamorous French sisters who Cedric compares to Cher.

The concert started off with a fairly dull rendition of the late Haydn symphony #98, continued with a beautiful Mozart piano concerto for two pianos, and really hit its stride after intermission with a concerto for two pianos and orchestra from 1932 by Poulenc that was insanely fun.

According to Cedric, the sisters were wearing alternate black and white bustiers for the Thursday matinee, but as you can see, they decided to bring a bit of color into all of our lives for their Friday evening performance. They were smashing.

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cedichou said...

Yep, definitely Katia in red, and Marielle in purple.

Oh, and to add to Gockley's comment below, while the operas were planned by his predecessor, the "return of the divas" seems to fit in the "glamour" angle that he wants to emphasize. So same operas, but new marketing.