Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Satanic Love Cult at City Hall

At various times throughout the year, usually for holidays and special events, the remarkable night lighting of San Francisco's City Hall gets the full colored gel treatment.

The Christmas season, for instance, features green lighting which gives the building an Emerald City look.

On February 13th, the night before Valentine's Day, the lights went red and made the place look startlingly like Satan's Palace, and the full moon rising over the dome only emphasized the spookiness.

So here's a Special Scary Valentine to Le Domestic Partner, Tony...

...and "I Love You, You Sinful Creatures" Valentines to Jay in Long Island and Heidi in Santa Barbara. xxx


Delphine said...


The funniest valentine post ever :)
Chapeau bas monsieur!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike,

We've gone to hell a time or two, no wonder it looks so glowingly familar.

Love back to you, my scary valentine.


Anonymous said...

uau..I'm sure alistair crowley and his buddies were busy sacrificing virgins...
check this guy's work

Anonymous said...

That's very funny!

Kimo C said...
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Kimo C said...

(SNL Church Lady voice): hmm shouldn't it be Satanic SEX Cult? :-)

Nonetheless, it is now clear why you (and your minions) choose to live so near City Hell.

"Why don't you Go To Hell" (oh wait, you already choose to)..


(Knights In Satan's Service)